PO BOX 786
S60 4WU
Telephone: 01709 544445
Charity Registration No: 1103337

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Provide a foundation upon which victims of poverty, disease epidemics and natural disasters can rebuild their shattered lives and learn to smile once again. Contribute towards diminishing poverty and providing a better quality of life for those who lack crucial basic living necessities. Provide paramount quality of care,  compassion and humanitarian relief, to orphans, widows and the elderly.  To give them a chance in life, so that they are prepared to the pre-eminent of their abilities to become self- sufficient, with a better future ahead of them. As a society to realise what quality of life, these people are having to live in this modern decade.

Encourage  and support  local people in the community that are disadvantaged.  Work towards elimination of inequality and barriers that are root causes of social and economic disadvantages. In addition, to create and deliver community based activities and capacity building initiatives that make a difference and help improve the quality of life of the local community people.

Help us to give every life quality and independence.

WorldAid Foundation

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